“What At-One-Ment” By Jack N. Lyman

We talk of the Atonement and think of the cross,

the life He gave freely, oh what a great loss.

But was there more, that we don’t understand,

did He do something more, in making his stand.

Of Adam and Eve, we understand it quite clear.

They partook of the fruit that brought us all here.

They made the decision, they chose to taste death.

They accepted the challenge and took a deep breath.

Cheribum and the flaming sword being placed in the path,

of the tree of life, and all that the Father hath.

But what does it mean, when they kept us from the Tree,

of life and happiness and all that we wanted to be.

The Cheribum were white birds placed to cover the arch,

a veil so to speak, to keep it separate and apart.

A symbol of separation, from Father and Mother,

to touch them to feel them, to rely on another.

The flaming sword is easy to see,

it’s death itself, that keeps us from the tree.

The tree of life, with fruit so sweet and free,

death keeps us from it, the love there for me.

But what did Christ do, that day on the cross.

That saved us from death, and made up for the loss?

He raised from the dead, it’s there for us to see.

He overcame death, then shared it with you and me.

But process the feeling, about the thing he has done,

is that what we need, to follow Him, to “be one”.

He certainly hasn’t asked us, to die on a cross,

to give our lives freely, would be a wasted loss.

When He died on the cross, was it the blood that He spilled?

No!! Wait He didn’t, it was fluid they felt.

Was it then, that the burden was to heavy to bear,

or the loss of his friends, because no one was there?

Think back on the pain, when he was in the Garden,

when Judas was jealous, and there was no pardon.

Was Ciaphas and Pilot predestined to kill,

if they had repented, would it have defeated God’s will?

It can’t be the cross or His death, that’s predestined to be,

or what’s the purpose of choice, and the chance to be free?

When I think of the Atonement and want clearly to see,

there must be more to it, something left to you and me.

If He’s already done it, and we are all one with the Father,

then what is the purpose, why even bother?

It must be the experience, not just a single event,

the reason we’re here, and why the Savior was sent.

You see in the Garden, it must be more than the tree,

that made Jesus suffer, and carry that burden for me.

Was it something to do with Cheribum or the Veil,

that lead Him to bleed and go through a living hell?

Was it a death that he suffered, in the Garden to know,

the path we must take, and the way we must go?

Did he learn from Angels, through the veil was He sent,

learning the way we must follow, is that what He meant?

Is it that pathway, that He was sent here to find,

that opened the heavens, to those who followed behind.

Was it simply the knowledge, that man couldn’t see,

that Jesus our Savior saw, and was sent here to be?

We are often confused, with this single event,

why Jesus came here, and why He was sent.

Was it to die or be killed , it can’t really be,

for many have died for our God, before He.

Was it punishment or to suffer, was that what He came for,

was it death, or to stop evil and to “open the door”?

We think of the Savior, and His life without sin,

but was it death, or life, that would let us all in?

To think Jesus was only sent to die on the cross,

would all of His good works, be to us be a great loss?

The Atonement must be more than just that tree,

that brings the new life for you and for me.

The cross is important, for the things that were done,

but when it comes to His directive, becoming as one.

We must do more, than just give up our own life,

there’s more to concurring, this world of strife.

The Atonement is more, than a snapshot we take,

it is living our best, it’s the memories we make.

It must be suffering in the garden, that’s done,

not the minutes on the cross, that can make us all one.

The Savior’s Atonement is not a just moment sublime,

It’s a lifelong process, doing your best all the time.

The Savior’s life was not wasted, or given in vain,

but it’s the life that He lives, that we need to retain.

The Atonement is not limited to death on the cross,

but extends through all time, to make up for our loss.

It began with a Son’s proposal, a simple made plan,

that we may be like Them, the progress of man.

It happened back then, when we all answered the call,

we chose to go through life, that began at the Fall.

The Atonement will continue from that day it begun,

to the time of judgement, when we can all become one.

Each day He has been there, each day He will cry,

“Continue, press forward, it don’t end when you die.

You can make it, keep trying,  your destiny’s divine!

just keep pushing forward, it’s only a matter of time.”

The Savior has commanded for us to, become as one

with the Father and Him, the Only Begotten Son.

For this is the Atonement, to be one with the Father,

overcome evil, and unite with your Brother.

-Jack N. Lyman

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