My blog originally started while I was a full time missionary for the LDS church in Florida, with the intent to tie everyday things into my then favorite gospel topic The Plan of Salvation, which is a Mormon term for “God’s Plan” and why we’re on earth…. But as time has gone by and more posts have been written, and life has happened, it’s become more of a publicized testimony, and (soon to be shared) stories about how I went from a full fledged, all in, active member of the LDS church, to a straight up Apostate and Post-Mormon.

What I hope readers find is encouragement for each of you, wherever you’re at in life.

A loss of faith is nothing to joke about, and the process each person goes through while seeking their truth, rebuilding thier relationship with God with or without a church in their life, living the truth of what they believe God or the Universe has in store for them is unique and valuable.  I’ve found it hepful to hear others stories, and hope sharing my experience will help others find comfort, validation, and peace in your life after Mormonism.

Love and hugs,

The Peace-filled Exmo

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