My Fit Story

My story begins in 2015.  I was a recently married 23 year old, who (although deeply in love with my husband) was pretty unhappy with my life, our living situation, my husbands work hours, etc. and in order to deal or “feel good” I started eating my feelings…. Hard core “see food diet” type behavior.  If I saw it, and it didn’t look gross (because I’m picky) it was going down the hatch.  I was binge eating like…. all the time! I went from a pretty healthy size to nearly 30 lbs overweight within the first 6 months of my marriage.  Not ideal by any means…..

I know it’s common to gain a little after marriage, but when you’re eating is out of control, when you’re moods are out of control (thank you birth control and also my crappy eating habits), you never feel pretty anymore, or want to do the things you used to enjoy…. You have to draw a line in the sand, and make a change!!!

My husbands aunt helped me do that! She had been using and following Beachbody programs for… like a year or more when I came into the family, and had seen some amazing results, and was consistently sharing what she was doing, and how much she loved it, and how it could work for anyone, in any circumstance on any budget, etc. So I reached out to her, joined one of her groups and did my first round of 21 Day Fix!  It was INCREDIBLE how effective this program was.  In 21 days, I lost like 10 lbs, gained about 50% of my old self confidence and esteem back, and felt so good!!!!

However… like most young and dumb brides, I really wanted my husband to join me in the fit lifestyle, and support me, and do it with me, and all the romantic “We do everything together!” “We are best friends!” blah blah blah crap… and he just wasn’t into it so I got tired *Side bar: At this time in our marriage, we were living in a house with 6 awesome roommates, but none of them were on any sort of nutrition plan, and we generally shared meals together each night, and workout space was sometimes hard to make because if 4/6 people are using the living room for TV or whatever… my little bedroom wasn’t quite big enough to safely do my workouts in… lots of excuses and things I know… but still!* of being alone in this effort.  Yes there were the accountability groups, but I didn’t really utilize those so I gave into my weak excuses, and quit… I cancelled my Shakekology, I quit working out, and stayed fat basically.

Now lucky for me, I was never one to hate exercise.  In fact I’ve always really enjoyed it! It’s always been something I’ve desired to have in my life, or something I’ve been consistent with.  Right after I quit Beachbody, my best friends from college decided they too were pretty fed up with how much they’d let themselves go, and we all decided to be accountability partners and work on some fitness goals together, and once we reached those goals we would go on a cruise!!!

One of my goals during that time was to start running again, and run a complete 5K!  So I started running… pitifully slow, but eventually I could do a full 5k and it felt sooooo good!!!! But I wasn’t really losing any weight… I was maintaining, and not gaining much, but still… And that was frustrating.

Fast forward a few more months (it’s no 2017 btw) and I found out I was pregnant!!!! I have always wanted to be a mother (as you can read about here and then some!) and was over the moon! But I didn’t want my pregnancy to become another opportunity to gain, gain, gain, gain, gain!!! I wanted to be as healthy as I could, and give my baby the best pre-natal care it could have! So I joined a local gym…. and went literally 1 time every other week… sometimes if I was feeling really extra I went 2 times a week… but basically I spent 40.00 a month for 6 months to workout less than 20 times….. And being the frugal cheapo that my step father raised me to be, I just couldn’t stomach that after my baby was born, especially since I had a c-section, and 18 days later an appendectomy… So I wasn’t going to go back to the gym anytime soon anyway so I cancelled that membership and was kind of bouncing some ideas around of what I wanted to start doing to get back in shape! There is nothing more motivating to me than to be a positive example of health to my son, so I had a fire in my belly and I was on the look out!


At this point, my husband and I had been married for over 2 years, and it was just about Januray 2018.  My aunt, the same one who I had done Beachbody with before was still going strong, and she was constantly sharing her progress, the joy she was finding in herself, and how this was such a great way to get your body back, or get the body of your dreams!  So I messaged her… again! And started on January 1st in her “New Year New You” accountability group, and I just went balls to the walls with it, guys!  I lost 7 lbs in that first month (Which besides the 1st time I did 21 Day Fix, I’d never lost that much weight in such a short amount of time!) doing Country Heat (a dance workout that didn’t make my still recovering abdomen feel like dying haha) and following the nutrition plan again!


To have that kind of success, so fast again really spoke volumes to me about this lifestyle and opportunity! Beachbody had progressed a lot since I initially did it in 2015 and I was super impressed with the changes and progress the company had made, so before January was even over I enrolled as a coach so I could return the favor my aunt and coach had done for me!


I’ve been at it now for 10 months, and I am never looking back (except to see how far I’ve come)!  So far I’ve lost 27 lbs, gained over 50% of my confidence and esteem back, found a purpose and identity outside of motherhood and the wife life, and I love being able to see other women find these changes and blessings for themselves!!!





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