missionary yoga

Missionary Yoga: The “Revelatory” Pose

Step 1- Begin by standing with feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2- Lower your body into the marriage proposal position, then
bring other leg into same position as the knee already on the ground.

Step 3- Sink buttocks to rest squarely on the heels of your feet. This
may cause discomfort due to tightness and soreness in the quadriceps from biking or walking a lot during the day. Exhale slowly to relieve tension, and remember to be grateful that you have legs!
**Bonus step> to intensify this pose don’t sink all the way to your
heels; stay on your knees the whole time.

***Extra Bonus: Have a pen & pencil nearby to record immediately received and recognized inspiration. Hold the pose as long as needed. Don’t forget to breathe and relax, which increases the flow of revelation.

Step 4- Clasp hands together and rest in lap,  fold arms “crisscross-Apple sauce” across your chest, or place hands together like a steeple…. Which ever is most comfortable for you.

Step 5- While holding the position, address Heavenly Father, and pour out your heart and ask specifically for guidance and revelation. Close in the name of Jesus Christ.

Step 6- Hold the pose until guidance, or peace (or lack of consciousness come from lack of circulation) comes. Then offer thanks for the answers (or that you didn’t totally pass out), and get on with your day. 🙂

Repeat at least twice daily, and as often as needed throughout the day.

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