Home, Home On The Range……


Well…. I’m a “citizen” again.  I can back the car by myself, I can text whoever I want whenever I want… I can RIDE HORSES!!!!!!!!! I can jam out to any song… I can even date boys (but that’s just way too much so… not just yet!)… But what I’m most grateful for, having returned from my mission is the opportunity I have to continue to apply all the wonderful lessons and eternal principles I learned on my mission.

My personal favorites are quite simple, but so powerful!

#1- The Principle of Accountability:

No one wins in the blame game, so just be responsible, reliable, and do your best.  If you’ve put your very best effort into whatever the task at hand is, you don’t need to be upset, or mad or blame others for the outcome.

#2- The Principle of Communication:

This one has been addressed previously in my posts, but really and truly… This is so vital.  Communication is the root of the tree of success.  Enough said…. haha

#3- The Principle of OBEDIENCE:

I have learned that obedience is the key to happiness.  If you’re obeying mom and dad, you’re happy.  If you’re obeying the boss, you’re happy. If you’re obeying God, you’re really happy.  It’s just so simple, it’s easy to forget it, but I testify… it’s the hub of the wheel of life, and if you feel like you’re stuck in some aspect on your “mile” you might want to evaluate the three above mentioned principles, but especially consider your obedience.

My mission taught me much more than just these three things, but it’s nearly impossible to put it all into words but I am so grateful I was privileged to go and serve, for all my wonderful companions, my amazing mission president and his wife! Missions are the best…. I still keep waiting to wake up from this “dream” and be back in Florida, but alas…. It hasn’t happened, and that’s ok.  “Real life” is a good place to be.  I’m so grateful to be home again, but a huge part of my heart and life will always be in the Florida Jacksonville Mission.


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  1. Welcome home! Amen to the obedience thing. It really is hard to adjust but if you stick with the simple principles you learned on your mission you’ll be just fine 🙂

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