I love Nephi… 

I know I haven’t posted in ages…. But I figured a good way to get back into that would be by sharing a small “Aha Moment” from my scripture study. 

Can I just say…. I love Nephi, the very first one. All the Nephi’s in the Book of Mormon are wonderful but to me, Lehi’s son is just a little bit more special in my opinion. 

I think what I appreciate most is his straight forwarness, integrity, and perseverance no matter how much was against him. 

I love how “real” he is. He doesn’t fake anything. He’s very transparent. That’s what prompted my “I love Nephi” kick today.  

This verse isn’t super fancy. It’s probably not on too many people’s favorite scriptures lists….and that’s okay! It struck a cord with me though. I love how he says, “I have written these things that perhaps (suggesting a fair amount of hope) I might persuade (not force) them to remember their Lord and Redemmer.”

I find that lovely…. You can’t force anyone to remember Jesus. Jesus himself can’t even force you to do so…. What I’m getting at is I surely appreciate Nephi’s efforts to help people like me remember the goodness of God and the love Christ has for us, and that by choosing light over dark we will have eternal happiness. Simple. Intense. Nephi. 



  1. Of all the men and women throughout the Bible and the Book of Mormon my favorite men to read about are Jonah and Nephi because of their realness. They question and react like real people, Jonah even ran and they both experienced a life interrupted.

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