“My Non-Imaginary Friend” -Elder Jarom Barney

I Wish Oh How I Wish,
My Imaginary Friend Were Real.
A Friend That I Could Talk To,
And Sit Down With At A Meal.
A Friend I Could Converse With,
A Friend That Could See,
A Friend That I Could Talk To,
About The Real Me.
In Sunshine In The Summer,
In Winter When It Snows,
We’d Discuss The Things About Me,
That Nobody Else Knows.
A Friend That Wouldn’t Judge,
A Friend Who Could See,
What Is Going On,
What It’s Like Being Me.
I Don’t Mean To Complain,
In Fact You Should Know,
I Do Have A Friend Like This,
A Friend Whose Being Glows.
His Name Is Christ Our Savior,
Imaginary He Is Not,
For He Is That Courageous Man,
Who Hung Upon A Cross.
He Loves Us More Than Any,
And Knows What It Is To Be,
Suffering Alone,
Just Like You And Me.
So When You Feel Afraid,
When You Feel Alone,
Remember Christ Our Savior,
For Your Sins He Did Atone.
He Knows What We Go Through,
Every Single Day.
He Lived Our Lives In Our Shoes,
And With His Blood He Did Pay.
In That Lonely Day,
And In That Lonely Night,
Remember You Do Have A Friend,
Who Will Help With All His Might.
I Wish Oh How I Wish,
I Could Live All The While,
In Such A Pleasing Manner,
To Make Christ My Brother Smile.
-Jarom J Barney


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