My Cup Runs…

Today we had interviews with our amazing mission president, and his loving wife and I was reminded by my dear mission mom that it’s important to take time to “Fill your cup!”  glass-water-688385-wallpaper

What does that mean? Does it mean we shirk our duty to share the gospel, and dink around? No! It simply means (at least to me) that we take time, missionary or not, to recognize that we are children of God, and we matter too.

As a missionary, I know it is very easy to lose yourself in this work, and that’s a good thing.  However, it can become a hindrance to your own progression if you do not do it in moderation.  We have been counseled for as long as I can remember that we need to be spiritually fed, temporally cared for, and independently strong in our testimony before we can help anyone else achieve the same.  In Preach My Gospel it says “You cannot convert anyone beyond your own conversion.”

So my challenge to y’all: Figure out what fills your cup!

What helps you feel your Heavenly Father and Saviors love, and motivates you in a positive way to accomplish His will?  

What keeps you going when you’re totally spent?

What brings you joy?

How can you make the “Now!” the best time of your life? general-conference-april-2011-826988-wallpaper

I know it’s important that we put the Lord’s will first in all things.  I also have a testimony that we are important to Him, and our well being is still important no matter what capacity of service we are involved in at this time.  May you all find time today, to fill your cup till it “runneth over” and may you have the Saviors peace be with you today and everyday!

Love always, Sister Yates


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