My First Mission Love: Atlantic Beach


Every six weeks in the mission field, there is the possibility to go to a new area, receive new callings, and therefore see more of the world, and meet more new and amazing people.  This is mostly a very exciting prospect, but the thing we all seem to forget is that change means goodbyes, tears, and a new stretch of the “mile” that you have to deal with, whether you’re ready to or not. 

I’ve been in my current area for six months now, and I have developed a lot of really close ties to the people here.  When I came on my mission, my expectations were quite… out of touch with reality.  I didn’t anticipate becoming such good friends with the members here.  I didn’t expect to find “soul mate” friends that I can’t believe it took me so long to find, but it’s also really opened my eyes to the truth that all missionaries realize at one point or another: that we are all called wherever we need to be by divine inspiration.  Nothing happens by chance.  It is all preordained, and all necessary to help us move forward in our eternal progression. 

I’ve finished one journal, completely filled a second, and am already half way through a third journal, because I have learned so many amazing things from my interactions, relationships, and experiences in the amazing area of Atlantic Beach.  It is an amazing place, with so much amazing potential, and I know the Lord’s hand is in the lives of the people, and He is involved in the growth of this area.  I love being a missionary, and love my mission so much!  I hope each of you can embrace the situations, and opportunities you find yourselves involved in, and can make the most of them, each and everyday!


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