Member Missionaries

If I could give any members some advice for making their testimony more accessible to the general public, and their friends, I would make a profile and link it to Facebook.  I would also recommend a blog.  It’s incredibly fun, and creates a network with people you would not otherwise interact with.   In “The Power of Everyday Missionaries” there are a few examples of how membership and missionary work flourished in areas where blogging was implemented and given as a calling to youth in wards.  Maybe that’s something worth trying in your ward, branch, or district as the case may be.  If you have not yet read this book, you should! It’s on and will help you so much as you embark in your missionary adventures!

About profiles: It’s pretty simple to make a profile.  All you need to get started is an LDS username and password.  If you have questions about that, leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to help you!  It only takes a few minutes of your time.  Here is a link to get your started:

Create a Profile

Being a missionary is so much fun, and you will find so much joy in applying the principles in the book, and in trying your own unique ways to share the Word.  I know Heavenly Father will bless you and help you in your efforts, whatever they may be (use your creativity! Heck, write your own book!) as this is His work, and I know you will grow closer to God and your Savior as you share the gospel with others.

God bless, and have fun!

Love, Sister Yates


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