Returned Missionary Blogs


Of Insights and Perspectives
-Elder Payne

For The Beauty of the Earth  -Sister Chamberlain

Tidbits of Testimony -Sister Allen

Think On These Things -Elder Allen

The Quest for Love-Elder Frazier

To Stand With Valiant Heart
-Sister Knight

Gathering the Lambs
-Elder Callahan

The Song of the Heart
-Sister Richardson

Just a Utah Girl -Sister Porter

Missionary Motivational Moments
-Elder Eppley

Sister Jesselyn Drummond– Sister Drummond

Your Average Mormon Missionary
-Sister Call

Too Blessed to Be Stressed
-Elder Largo

Wearing His Name -Sister Knoll

Liken All Things

Liahona Lane
-Sister Johnson

My Strength and My Song
-Sister Kasteler

Questions of the Soul
-Elder Stuart

The Lens of Christ
-Elder Francom

David and Goliath
-Sister David

-Sister Ashcraft

Called to Serve
-Sister Draper

Lead Thou Me On
-Elder Herrick

Blog My Gospel
-Sister Johnson

Lights, Camera, Lopez
-Elder Lopez

W.M.I. Lessons I’ve Learned
-Elder Forsyth

Stories of Grace
-Sister Dodd

Words to Christ

More Than A Story
-Sister Gladwell

The Perspective of a Peculiar People
-Elder Chung


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