Thanks Rhianna!

While listening to one of my favorite (but also most…. inappropriate) songs by Rhianna I had the following thoughts:

Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given as a woman is to do what i can to help the men in my life be virtuous. Virtue is an almost foreign word in society, but as a Latter-Day Saint woman its something I think on often… despite my less than virtuous moments.

I remember in young womens being told it was part of my responsibility to help the young men in my life have an easier time making righteous and virtuous decisions by dressing modestly, using clean language, and encouraging and supporting them in their roles in the priesthood.

As I’ve gotten older, and especially since I’ve gotten married and am now expecting my first son, I think about this council received so many years ago in a new light.

While I don’t think its reasonable to put all the responsibility on women to always be the righteous ones, the modest ones, the virtuous examples, etc. I have noticed it just comes a little bit easier to women than men to keep these things in our minds. Or brains have that weird capacity to connect things like Rihanna and “virtue” and somehow find a way to relate the two.

The problem is….. because the adversary knows we’ve been counseled to do this, and live our lives in a certain way as followers of Christ, the temptation to do and be the oppposite of virtuous is just as enticing and sometimes near impossible to avoid fudging up from time to time.

Today was definitely one of those days for me where, if you were listening to the words coming out of my mouth, in the tone and especially the particular “french” i was throwing in here and there… “virtue” would be the furthest adjective from your mind to describe me as a woman. I sounded like a pretty peeved sailor. Not my finest moment…

So as I was sitting here this evening, listening to this silly, inappropriate song that I admittedly love it just hit me: it’s a special duty to be virtuous. And not just for the sake of the men I know either! At this point in my life, unless they’re a child or still of a relatively delicate age (like 16 or less) I feel like their old enough to know whats right and wrong, and need to be responsible for their own virtue. Its not just a principle for women to live by or keep in mind.

What occurred to me today is that for my own sake, and for the sake of my new little baby who’ll be here in 12 or less weeks…. its time to get more serious about being a full time virtuous woman. Of being more conscious of what I’m saying, the words, the tone, etc.

Basically its high time I start acting like a real true disciple of Christ again! And although my motivation for this comes from the fact that I’m about to become a mother and I want to be a good example to my son,  I really just want to be someone Jesus Christ would feel comfortable spending time with, who doesn’t have to censor themselves all the time. I want clean language and thought to be 2nd nature, auto pilot, etc.

When we lose sight of virtue we lose sight of Christ, and I need more of Him and His example in my life.

So…. if you’re feeling like me at all and feel you could use some more virtue in your life, I challenge you to set some goals and make those changes.

Good luck and keep your eye on Jesus, the king of virtue.


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