“YES!” Sundays

You know how some Sundays at church are just really “blah”, and others are just like “yes!”? Today was definitely a “YES!!” day.
The speakers in Sacrament spoke on using and developing gifts of the Spirit which is such an underrated topic. I love this topic. We all have gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us, no matter your religious background, and it is so important to cultivate and share and exercise those gifts.
Sunday school… Oh man. That was awesome. I love the principle of sacrifice, and I absolutely love missionary work, so when the two are combined like they were today… Oh! It hit me in the feels big time.
I cannot imagine being the wife of Heber C. Kimball, who left his little family of 4 for 2 years at a time to go and serve a mission. But if he, and the others he served with, hadn’t been willing to make that sacrifice and go serve the Lord, thousands of people wouldn’t be members today. They served mostly in the British Isles, which is where a significant portion of modern day members family history in the church started.
It’s amazing the stories of early members: their sacrifices, their struggles… We sure are blessed to be living in this time.
And then relief society… I love little ol’ Sister Butler! Her lessons are always the best. We discussed having faith and a testimony of the Priesthood, and how Priesthood power has blessed our lives. It was so great because it is such a privilege and blessing to have the Power of God in our lives the way we do, through the authority of the Priesthood.  Not enough can be said about the power and blessings a worthy priesthood holder brings into the lives of others.  I’m so grateful for all the men in my life who use this gift of authority to Honor God, and to bless the lives of those around them. I feel so blessed that I live during a time when the fullness of God’s power is back on the earth.
Anyway, long story short… The gospel is so good, and I love “Yes!” Sundays!

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