Good Intentions Suck

I read a talk today about repentance but what I got out of it was something……I guess you could say, “different”.


Lesson learned:

While reading this talk today on the healing power of repentance, it made me think that sometimes we need to acknowledge and forsake the sins we are committing against ourselves.  People are so good at wrecking themselves!  So many of us die full of good, but unaccomplished intentions, that if we’d just exercised a little self discipline we would have done so much more! We would have left more of a mark on the world than just a worn out couch cushion.  More lives would have be influenced for the better. More feelings of personal satisfaction and accomplishment would be experienced if we would just “MAKE IT HAPPEN!” as my former riding coach used to yell at me and my team 1,000x per practice back in the day.

Anyway…. I digress. The thing that we really need to fix in our lives is the sin of giving up on ourselves.  Maybe calling that a sin is a bit extreme, but it’s the only word I can think of that puts this in context. While reading today, I was reminded that Jesus Christ wants us to succeed in all worthy and righteous goals that we set.  But if we don’t involve Him in the process, how can He help us? His hands are tied when we do not invite Him to help us.  It’s all fine and well to remember everyday that “Jesus loves me” because He surely does! But how does He know you love Him back if you don’t involve Him in your life? Your goals, and concerns? Your stresses, and blessings? Your happy moments, your sad moments, and everything in between???


Long story short, our good intentions (aka meaningless “I want to do this, but…”) need to go away.  We need to replace them with a course of action and plans that we’ve taken before the Lord and asked for His help to accomplish.  Even simple things like asking for an opportunity to serve another person: If you ask for it, don’t walk away from a divinely orchestrated opportunity.  You’ll know it when you see it, and you know you’ve seen the opportunity, walked right on past it and then later gone, “Oh my gosh I am such a dork! That was it!! That’s what I prayed for…” If you want to accomplish something physical, but have never exercised a day in your life, ask the Lord to help you know where to start.  He will guide you in all that you do.

Quick Example:

Last year after I got married, I started gaining weight like mad.  I was really stressing about it, and it just so happens one of my “Aunt-In-Laws” is a Beach Body Coach, so BOOM! God put the answer to my conundrum in my life.  It took me like… 3 months to notice what a blessing she was, (and that she’d been there the whole time) but once I figured it out it helped me so much!

Bottom line:

just hope each of you realizes that you’re never, ever, EVER alone in your journey through life.  If you want to succeed at anything, no matter how big or small, if you invite the Savior to help you, He will.  

Now go forth, and kick some butt, and live a life of fulfillment and happiness!

Love always,



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