Proof that the “Big Man Upstairs” Has a Sense of Humor…

The Lord is funny… and here is why. I’ve spent most of my life “dissing” BYU, and other such institutions (like BYU-I, but not BYU-Hawaii because I would love to go to college in Hawaii!! Holy cow, you people out there are so dang lucky…) but of course, because the Lord likes to make His point, He led me to the Pathways program… and now I am eating all my unkind words about BYU on a silver spoon.
It’s pretty humbling, I’m not going to deny it. If I had realized sooner what a great opportunity it was to gain an education from this school (BYU-I) I would have made some very different life choices.

Do I regret where my choices have led me? Eh….. maybe haha But would I change them in exchange for the lessons, and therefor appreciation I’ve gained? No way, Jose!

“The Joy of the World” By Greg Olson
So… Basically what I’m trying to say here is: Sorry for all my hateful and rediculous, “I hate BYU!” comments and previous attitude. Am I a Cougars football fan all of a sudden? Not even a little bit. But still, what a waste of energy hating an educational program that incorporates God into it as much as it can, which may I point out would benefit EVERY school in the world, if they were allowed to do what the BYU and other religious (LDS or otherwise) institutions do?
If every school in the nation started opening the day with a prayer… Holy crap what a difference that would make! Or, if a public prayer is too much, give people a 5 minute period of silence to meditate, or stare at the ceiling, or take a power nap, or pray, whatever does it for them!
Think of what an impact that would have on young children. That would teach them to still themselves, gather their intentions for the day, focus on something relaxing/uplifting.  What a great habit to get into! Granted, depending on the age group, it would probably only last 30 seconds before they got distracted by life, but as they aged that could have some seriously beneficial consequences.
I love learning, and I really am passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ, so I’m super excited to be apart of more than just an Institute, which is fantastic don’t get me wrong, but an entire educational program that works on my secular learning, as well as my spiritual learning. It’s just a beautiful thing, so kudos to you peeps who figured it out way before I did! And thanks for your good examples of good decision making skills! Can’t have enough of a good thing, ya know?

Anyway, God is good… He’s SO good! I’m grateful for His patience in letting all of us figure out our paths, and for all the adventures that brings.  We are some blessed people, that is for certain!

Until my next random blurb!
P.S. To the wonderful people who follow my blog, thanks for doing that! I am going to try to post more frequently and consistently but I just appreciate the support and interest you show this work. You are fabulous… Stay blessed!

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