The “In-Between’s” of Life

I recently received a cute little poem that explained that throughout life there are a few stages we all go through as we cycle through this journey of life, and the author made a great point when she identified one of these stages as an, “In-Between” stage.  I like that because A- I totally feel that’s where I’m at in the moment, and B- because it’s more positive than saying “The Stagnant Stage” or “The Hopeless Stage”.

So what’s the In-Between stage good for?  I’m still trying to figure that out for myself, but so far I have concluded that God blesses us with these moments of “calm before the storm” so we can take a step back, evaluate ourselves, set some specific goals and plans and move on from there.

My only less than grateful feeling I have with this stage is this: They can last a really long time… Why? Again, I have concluded that it is also a blessing from God so we can practice the attributes found in Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 of Patience and Charity (among others because they are all quite important).

In conclusion, I feel “In-Between’s” are indeed inspired and timely gifts from the Almighty so we can figure how to make the most of our next “In the Flow” stage that is truly right around the corner.  I think if we were in the flow all the time, we would miss so much, and overlook some really great learning and growing opportunities.  “This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God” and if we will take advantage of each moment given, whether it be an in-between, in the flow, in a rut, up a creek, etc. stage I know He will help us get where He needs us to go.  God is so good, and I know He loves and cares for each of us so much, otherwise He would not give us such moments to improve our time in this wild miracle of a mile.

Anyway… a rather random thought for y’all, but in case anyone else out there also feels stuck or in an in-betweener… Just remember, it is all for you hand delivered from the “Author and Finisher of your faith“.

Stay blessed! Love, Sister Yates

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