The thought of my Day…

As we were driving to district meeting today, a thought occurred to me that I hadn’t consciously acknowledged before:

I keep blaming Satan for all my problems.  This is not cool (or practical) for 2 reasons.

#1- It gives that creep way too much oxygen (too much attention).

#2- It’s my job to be accountable for how I feel, how I behave, and how I respond to things.

Call me selfish, but I want to be my own master.  This leads to the second “previously un-thought of” thought of my day: I am legitimately my own worst enemy.  It is the hardest thing ever to conquer yourself and since the natural man (which, our nature is the one thing we all come into this world with that is distinctly ours, which is our “natural nature” if you will) is an enemy to God…. We are so toast (or at least, at this point in my life I certainly am) if we don’t figure out how over come ourselves.

So how do we defeat ourselves? What does it take? Why do we even need to? What’s wrong with “being me“?

I hope my testimony and answer will help answer those questions.

The prophets and apostles repeatedly tell us, that if we do not master goal setting and planning, we will essentially be miserable.  How true! How bad does it feel sometimes, to see really great friends and coworkers and others around us reach all the goals, and “live the life” we’ve always dreamed of having for ourselves? Why does that always seem just beyond our grasp? Or even if we are mature enough not to compare ourselves, it still feels pretty bad to see where you are, and the wide chasm of where you’d actually like to be, or even feel you need to be.

Long story short, I firmly believe the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know what they are talking about, and since goal setting and planning are the solid building blocks they have presented to us to achieve all of our worthy goals, I testify that righteous, realistic goals preceded by exact obedience, specific and careful plans, and a lot of humility will help you achieve all that you desire, but even more importantly all the God desires for you.  It is by following the principles in Preach My gospel chapter 8 that we can become our best.  It is by following the principles of obedience, goal setting, planning and accountability that we will overcome our natural man, and become a true friend and partner with our Heavenly Father, to magnify all of our personal callings and hep the Lord accomplish His work, in any phase of our life. Isn’t that the ultimate goal, anyway?  Let us all be accountable.  Figure out what the Lord feels is best for you, and then study PMG ch 8, and go forth and conquer.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

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