Being an “8 Cow” Missionary

A favorite video produced by the church is the timeless classic, “Johnny Lingo”. It’s about a very affluent tradesman from the Islands, who comes to bargain for his bride. In their culture, the groom pays for his bride with cows. Traditionally, for a good wife one would only pay 3-5 cows for one of those “model worthy” type of wives. 1-2 for a “pretty wife”, and perhaps a goat for the “less fortunate looking” people. In this tale, Johnny blows everyone away by paying 8 cows for the girl the village has always ridiculed and called ugly. They call her “Mahana You Ugly” and her father is very verbally abusive, so she and everyone feels that 2 cows, let alone 8 is too much for her. But the moral of the story, and the moral that I want to convey is that we, whether a boy, a girl, a sister or an elder, if you’re a child of God, you are totally worth 8 cows, if not more!

I’ve mentioned this “self esteem” topic a few times, but I seriously am so sick of people getting down on themselves (and others…) for being less than “perfect”. Perfect, in the greek translation, means “complete, or finished”. There’s nothing in there about being flawless, or beautiful, or accomplished in specified ways. It simply means you are awesome! In a nutshell, anyway.

How I feel this relates to “Johnny Lingo” is what Johnny says to Mr. Harris at the end of the video. He wanted Mahana, whom he had loved since their childhood, to know and feel she is an 8 cow woman. He knew there was great power and greater confidence to be had in an individual if they came to the conclusion on their own that they are and “8 cow” kind of person. This applies to each of us. We need to have a positive outlook on ourselves, and others. We need to be conscious of the counsel of the prophet, which is love. Love, in it’s pure form, is a positive, uplifting, happy, joyful, and fulfilling thing. If we are truly living like Christ, then love should be apart of all we do. People should walk away from us feeling better than before they talked to us. We should never let the mean and negative thoughts that Satan tries to put in our heads about others, or ourselves, any chance to cause harm to our confidence, or to others.

In conclusion, I want everyone to know that you are an 8 cow person! You are of infinite worth, and just downright amazing! Think about this: God has already given the ultimate sacrifice far greater than any mere cow. Not even 8 cows will ever measure up to the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If God was willing to give His Only Begotten Son for you, why would you ever entertain the thought that you aren’t amazing? Or talented? Or “cool”? Or whatever it is that you need to feel to feel valued and loved? You are valued. You are loved! Don’t for get that.
I hope you have a beautiful day!
Love Always, Sister Yates


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