Fortifying your “Management of Affairs”

In my mission, we are currently finishing up a 90 day Book of Mormon reading challenge and apart of the challenge was to have “AHA” moments; moments when inspiration and clarity smacks you in the face so powerfully you can’t help but want to shout it from the roof tops!

553467_730446010300909_176782980_nI was blessed to have one of those beautiful moments on Sunday.  I’m telling you… The Book of Mormon is true, and full of so much brilliant stuff… It’s amazing!!!!

My “AHA” moment came from Alma chapter 49.  In this chapter, Moroni (the leader of the Nephite army) is preparing for battle against Amalakiah, the leader of the Lamanites. In the previous chapter, we are shown how decpetively devious and dangerous Satan can be, and how evil men easily bring about his diabolical purposes.  Amalakiah doesn’t even have a reason to fight the Nephites, except he’s a power hungry, violent, evil man who has given his heart to Satan, who we all know is all about messing with the good Christian folk  here on earth.

So, Moroni knows what’s brewing in the Lamanite kingdom, and he doesn’t waste any time in preparing his people, and his soldiers for what’s about to come.  He brilliantly prepares the two weakest cities in the country to the point that when the Lamanites come, they are “exceedingly astonished” at the “fortifications” of the Nephites.  When they realize there’s no way they’ll make it through these fortifications, they proceed to the next city which has always been the weakest and easiest to conquer.  And there again, to their “uttermost astonishment” they find that this city too has been fortified against all possible odds! So like all insane, evil, and corrupt people, the Lamanite Captains vow to destroy the Nephites, so even though they have no hope to win, they just go to town trying to destroy this city, and over 1,000 Lamanites are killed… and here’s the cool part: “NOT A SINGLE SOUL” of the Nephites are killed.captain-moroni-title-liberty-39658-gallery

Why? Why did they succeed? What was their secret? It all ties back to Moroni, who was their leader and who was a righteous man of God.  He knew what was coming, and he was prepared.  In verse 11 we read that Moroni had adjusted the “management of affairs”.  How often do we find ourselves going through the same situation and trial, over and over again, like some demonic ferris wheel? Moroni caught on to Einsteins definition of insanity, before Einstein was even a twinkle in his mothers eye, let alone a thought!  Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result has never succeeded, and never will.  Therefore, Moroni applied that universal law, and the Nephites were protected!

How does that apply to us?

Think of those two cities, that used to be weak and easy to conquer? Think of people you know, or yourself, and your insecurites and the things Satan uses to pick at you with.  If we all would change our “management of affairs” and “fortify” ourselves….  Satan doesn’t stand a chance!

In verse 30 we read:  

Yea, and there was continual peace among them, and exceedingly great prosperity in the church because of their heed and diligence which they gave unto the word of God, which was declared unto them by Helaman, and Shiblon, and Corianton, and Ammon and his brethren, yea, and by all those who had been ordained by the holy order of God, being baptized unto repentance, and sent forth to preach among the people.”

Where did Moroni learn to be diligent to the promptings of the Spirit? Where did these people, the Nephites, learn to follow God and His commandments? From missionaries!  If the Sons of Mosiah had not begged their father to go and teach these people who used to be their enemies, then the Nephites would have never been prepared for this! How much power do disciples of Christ have when they truly consecrate themselves to His work? Doctrine and Covenants 24:12 has the answer:

 “And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men.”

I just loved this chapter! I would challenge all of you to read it with this question in mind: What more can I do to be more fortified? I know there are many was we can change our lives, and become better prepared to withstand the storms Satan throws at us.  I know God wants us to succeed.  He has given us so many examples to follow, so many things to study, and He is always there to help us!

I hope you too can have an amzing “AHA” moment today and each day that will strengthen and help you on your miracle mile!

Love always, Sister Yates



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