“Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble” But it’s possible!!!

I don’t remember who sings that song, maybe it’s Chris Ledeaux, or someone else equally as talented.  All I know for sure, is that  whoever coined that phrase is brilliant, and nailed it on the head! In Preach My Gospel ch. 6 we learn about the attributes of Christ that will help us become the best missionaries, people, and sons and daughters of God that we can be.  However, there’s no chapter that warns how incredibly difficult it’s going to be to master those attributes.  I’d almost prefer a whole chapter on the attributes we don’t need to have, except it’s quite obvious why they wouldn’t waste ink and paper on that….  We already have a lot of guidance on what we should or shouldn’t do, and I’m grateful for that guidance.  I just find it personally aggravating to be mortal sometimes.

However, a midst my imperfect moments and many frustrations I have learned a thing or two about these attribute; why they’re so important, and how they actually are possible to achieve. My companion advised me once to practice the attributes I need to work on, and in my mind (because I was being too proud to show it at the time… Yay for repentance!) I said, “That’s brilliant!” and along that same idea of practicing,  I’ve come up with the idea to set up a little reward system that might help make achieving Christlike attributes more fun:

When you’ve had a successful 10 minutes, hour, day, week, etc. however long you need your time frame to be, and whatever it is you need to help you stay motivated (hopefully not food… just putting that out there!), figure it out and make a plan, and even though this part may get tedious, push yourself to study the attribute you’re working on everyday!

The more you focus your mind on things the you want, the more easily it’ll become a part of your life. Elder Ballard shared in a talk once that, “the human mind can only entertain one thought at a time,” so if we’re constantly thinking about being humble, patient, submissive, diligent, faithful, obedient, etc. that’ll become our reality!

I am a huge advocate and have a testimony of the fact that our thoughts create our reality, so here’s the challenge:

  • Pinpoint your weakness.
  • Read Ether chapter twelve (because it’s amazing; really, you can study whatever inspiring story you need but that’s my suggestion).
  • Pray about a plan of “attack” to acquire the attribute you’re working on, then go and make it happen.

I know we can do this! You’ll be in my prayers! I can promise the Lord cares about our success, and He will work with us to make our goals and dreams come true! You can do it. Find the path the Lord has for you to accomplish His purposes personally, and even globally as the case may be. You each have a unique mission to fulfill in this world, so go out and get it done! God bless!

Love, Sister Yates

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