The Worst Dilema

894878_597315696990527_1887652311_oWhen I was in the MTC I heard a quote that has forever changed my perspective of my missionary experience: A mission is a pressure cooker of your best and worst qualities.

That’s pretty deep, but what I’ve also come to realize is there are many other experiences in life (outside of a mission setting) that is also a “pressure cooker” that likes to throw our less than perfect and not so Christlike attributes in our face.

Today, as my companion and I were driving in the car, I was pondering some of my pre-mission adventures, and it led me to the conclusion that I am a “perfectionist that always falls short of perfection.”  It’s quite safe to say that I’m not the only one with this conundrum, but what I sometimes struggle with saying is “It’s okay… God loves me anyway… right?”

Don't fear failure I think we are all guilty of, at one point of another, thinking that God will only love us on condition that we’re “prefect”.  That’s so false! Elder Holland said “…you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love…” so why do we beat our selves up so badly when we do fall short of the proverbial mark of perfection? What is perfeciton anyways? Because we all know we’ll never be the Savior… and He was perfect…. Hence, our dilema.

I read a blog post yesterday about how the world tells us what we can and cannot do, and how it programs us to think we’re less than what God created us to be.  I have come to know, and testify that we are so much more perfect than we think! We are ALL amazing children of God, with uniqe talents and abilities, and He never asked us to be perfect at anything other than trusting and accepting Him, of doing our personal best to follow His Son, and strive to be more like Him.  Is that hard to do, yeah… because the world we live in right now says the contrary is the way to go, but if we strive to live in harmony with God and Jesus Christ as our partners in our mile here, I promise we will feel more success in our endeavours, and more love towards ourselves, and therefore we will give the advesary far less power over us to make us feel like small, insignifigant failures.  I know your Savior and Redeemer love you, and they both know where you’ve been, as They have literally stood where we all stand.  Invite the Savior, and your Heavenly Father to walk with you and you will “come off conqueror” at the last day.


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