The Parable of the Cave Diving Life Guard

lifeguardOver the past 5 months, I’ve been blessed to spend time with an amazing lady who is not only a missionary, but a scuba instructor, and cave diver.  Prior to my mission, I became close friends with an equally amazing and fabulous individual who is a life guard during the hot summer months, and today during personal study I was really focusing a lot on the Savior, and trying to “get a grip” on Jesus Christ, and figure out a bit more about who He is, and what He does for us (besides the everyday: He died for us, He lives for us, He loves us, He’s perfect, etc.).  Here’s what I came up with:

Jesus Christ is a cave diving lifeguard.  Follow me on this…

Christ is the Good Shephard, and He atoned for all of our sins.  He therefore knows us personally, and far more intimately than any of us “sinful people” would ever care to recognize, but the beauty of the situation is the only reason He relates to us so well, and knows us so personally is because He has truly been there before.

So, back to the whole “cave diving lifeguard” analogy-"To the ocean, white with foam..."

Christ was sent to provide a way back to Heavenly Father.  He was the perfect example, He made the ultimate sacrifice, and we have all been asked to be like Him, and share His gospel with others.  He’s a master lifeguard! But there are many “fish” in the sea, and only one Savior so in an effort to be efficient, and make sure we all get the chance to hear this “glad message” Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ called missionaries to send throughout the wide expanse of the world, to find all those fish who are “lost”.  He cares about all of us, not just 1 or 99.  So we get the glorious duty to go forth, and swim out to those who are just a bit too far off the shore for comfort, and we go out and remind them of the amazing truth that Christ taught, and that they will be happier and safer closer to the shore, and closer to Christ.

The cave diving part comes into play for those fish who have decided they don’t need Christ. A missioanry can be as persuasive as possible, but we cannot convince anyone if they have no desire to accept the truth of the Atonement, or any desire to change their ways. Satan is a terrible shark that has a really crafty baiting system, called Temptation.  There are many fish who see the shiny, dangling bate of the Advesary, and they follow it into those trenches and uncharted waters, and get so far out they feel there is no hope for them. We as missioanries often find these sad fish, and every now and again their story changes for the better, but it all starts with their desires. Agency… the biggest gift, but also the biggest curse in life! Moving on…

We’ve established that Christ knows us and therefore He knows exactly how to find us when we put up the “red flag” (aka Prayer) and ask for His help.  When such occasions arise, He turns the basic life guarding stuff over to the missionaries, and He gets His scuba gear on, and hits the water and goes and gets those fish that recognize they need to be rescued beyond what the missionaries can teach them.

It’s a beautiful system really, and it helped me (because I’m a very visual person) see how the atonement works.  Sometimes, our dear brothers and sisters get really lost because Satan is a master fisherman.  But Jesus Christ is a master Life-Guard, and no matter how deeply you dive into sin, you cannot escape the reach of His love, and Atonement.  It may take a long time to get back to the surface, but there is always going to be “Light” at the end of your dive.

I know personally that it can be really hard to trust the Savior enough to take care of those sweet fish we know and love who get entagled and ensnared in the nets of Satan, but I do know if we are true and faithful to our purpose and duty as righteous followers of Christ, everyone will be alright, and we’ll all be closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father, and be stronger in our testimony.

Have a blessed day, and remember: Jesus Christ loves you.

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