Unwanted Surprises

1504520_646993418699100_550226992_nDo you ever wonder why we can’t know all things like Heavenly Father does? Do you ever wish you could just see the end of your story so you could navigate the daily grind more easily? Me too… But that’s not how it works.  So what do we do? How do we cope with disappointing, unpleasant, and downright unwanted surprises?

Maybe I’ve been a missionary too long now, but the phrase that comes to mind is “Forget yourself and go to work.” (-Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley) because the best cure for anything is work and service!  Along with working harder and more diligently than ever before is prayer!  Talk to your Father in Heaven about all your feelings, and what you’re going through.  Tell Him how much you don’t like it (get it off your chest!) and then ask for guidance in what you can do better so you can keep on working.  Another great way I’ve discovered to cope with life, as many others have also discovered, is to seek examples and comfort from the scriptures.  Case and point: Job! No one, except for Jesus Christ, will ever go through such horrific, and awful experiences and not have the luxury to be helped by God.  God will never forsake you.  But… wouldn’t it be cool if we could endure to the end as Job did? I’d feel pretty accomplished, to say the least.

894878_597315696990527_1887652311_oMoral of the story, everything happens for a reason.  It’s all in preparation for something else we’ll encounter down the road, and the Lord is always there, as are many of His angels (mom & dad, friends, pets, siblings, companions, etc.) and He has provided many blessed resources (chocolate, sleep, exercise, service, scriptures, temples, prayer, etc.) to help us on our way.  Stay strong.  Use the gifts God has provided.

Have a blessed day!

Love, Sister Yates

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