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Today during personal study I felt prompted to study “Patience” which is clearly inspired, because I HATE that topic because it’s one of the many virtues I do not possess… and no one likes to be reminded of their short comings, but we’re here to progress and grow so when you ask God to let you know what He would have you learn, and He gives you a clear answer… you write a blog post about it 🙂

Patience, as understood by Sister Yates:

In Mosiah 28:1-9 the Lord promises the sons of Mosiah certain blessings for their diligence and efforts as missionaries.  Having been in the field for 16 or so weeks, I can see how it takes a lot of “promised blessings” from God to keep going.  The situation was a little different for these brethren, because they wanted to serve no matter what.  They just needed permission to go into “hostile territory” to teach their enemies the Lamanites.  These promised blessings in these verses were mostly for their fathers benefit, so he would feel the peace and comfort needed to let his sons leave his kingdom, and enter enemy territory.

How does this relate to patience? I’ll get there… don’t worry.

If you read about the experiences of the sons of Mosiah, you see excellent examples of diligent, faithful, missionary service.  These men basically set the gold standard for missionaries everywhere.  When they were depressed, or discouraged, or anything like that, their immediate response was to turn to Heavenly Father, and seek His counsel.  The best part, in my humble opinion, was that these elders showed us that missionary work has never been a walk in the park.  There is hardly anything “easy” about missionary work.  Think about what our objective is: Help other come unto Christ by receiving the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  In society today, hardly ANYONE (or so it may seem; hence why God told me to study patience today…) is excited to hear that their current religious practices or beliefs are only a piece of the whole pie of the Gospel.  Can you imagine what it would be like to preach the Word to your neighbors if they were hostile, blood thirsty, mortal enemies, like the Lamanites and the sons of Mosiah situation? That takes the whoe “to the resuce” idea to a whole new level!

So how did they get through it? What was the point? What could the Lord possibly have promised them to help them keep going?

In Mosiah 28:7 the Lord says, “Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and shall have eternal life…”  In verse 3, these valiant missionaries tell their father that they “could not bear that any human soul should perish” and they were determined to at least let their enemies have the opportunity to hear the truth, and repent, and be baptized, so they could truly follow Christ and therefore endure faithfully to the end.

Society is a bit less intense in the sense that we don’t usually send missionaries to hostile countries where we’ll get shot or killed for doing what we do, but in some ways society is still just as intense, and we really have to bank on the promised blessings of the Lord.

In Alma 32:41-43 we’re taught that patience earns great blessings.  Patience can’t really exist, as far as I understand it, if we A- don’t ask for it, or B- aren’t doing anything in which we would need it.  Something profound that occurred to me this morning is the difference between patiently waiting, and patiently progressing.  If we really want to earn promised blessings, whether we’re a full time missionary or not, we have to be doing something.  Faith is a principle of action, and in my experience patience is a principle of faith so you have to act in faith to gain the virtue of patience.

That’s not all that I learned today, but hopefully it’ll get the hamster running and the spirit of motivation stirring within you to recognize your blessings, how exactly you came to earn such blessings, and what more you can do to patiently progress.  Waiting around with out doing your part is pointless.  “…Faith, if it hath not works, is dead being alone” and I think the same is true that works with out faith is dead.  So brothers and sisters, press forward, and strive to find what it will take for you to endure all things.  Find the happiest trail you can by allowing God to be your compass.  Turn to Him, as the sons of Mosiah did.  He will never fail you.  We only fail when we forget the vital role our Father in Heaven plays in guiding us through our “mile”.

God bless you all!

Love, Sister Yates


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