Scriptural Road Maps

mormonad-read-the-instructions-1118240-wallpaperMy companion and I like to send a “Scripture of the Day” to all of our ‘gators, less active friends, and anyone else we feel could us a “pick me up” from the Word, and today it took us about 15 minutes to figure out what to send… And that got me thinking: What is the big deal about scriptures?

I have come to the conclusion that the reason scriptures are such a vital part of my personal mile, is that I have a testimony that they truly contain the guidance and direction we need to endure our “mile” successfully.  One of the scriptures today that particularly struck me was Alma 37:44 and I’ll tell you why:

As I’ve mentioned before, Christ is the way to salvation.  That’s obvious, but only if you A- know who Christ is, and B- know what Christ teaches so you can apply those saving principles to your life.  That’s where scriptures come in.  I don’t care if you believe in the Quran, the Torah, the Bible, or the Book of Mormon, whatever.  What matters about these books is that they help guide and direct your life positively, right? Hopefully you’re getting something out of them, otherwise what’s the point?

My personal testimony of the importance of scriptures is simple: I believe that the Lord loves us enough to inspire men (because women are too busy to sit and write all day long, let alone etch an entire people’s history into gold plates) whom He has appointed to be a Prophet so we can have His Word with us long after these inspired men leave the Earth.  The Lord gives us scriptures so we can know, without any doubt the life He would have us live, and the things He would have us do, so we can make the most of our time here on Earth, and enjoy it.  I believe God to be a God of happiness, and order so it just makes sense that He would be organized and loving enough to give us a “Handbook for Life” so we can be organized, and happy like Him.

I know scriptures bless our lives.  They have blessed mine many times.  When prayer wasn’t sufficient to receive answers to my questions, the scriptures filled that hole in my heart.  When I need comfort I know I will be able to find something reassuring and encouraging in the sacred text of the scriptures.  I know these things are true, and know you can come to know them yourself.  So, true to missionary form: Will you commit to read one verse of scripture or more each day? I promise you will feel closer to God, and that you will gain the comfort and guidance you need to endure to the end.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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