Love God’s children

Jesus ChristLast night, I had a very interesting evening that really got my “fire” going…  I’m currently serving as a full time missionary in the best mission in the world, the Florida Jacksonville Mission.  I grew up in Utah (Mormon mecca) and so it’s not too surprising that the whole “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” feeling is a daily occurrence.  However, what I am still trying to adjust to is just how tight of a grip Satan has on God’s children here.  I know he has his fingers in too many pies, all over the world (Utah included; just because “everyone” is Mormon doesn’t meant we’re exempt)but it just gets a bit ridiculous sometimes…

For those of you who don’t know, the LDS church considers all of it’s members to be missionaries.  Just because they don’t have a name tag, doesn’t exclude them from fulfilling that commission.  The hardest thing for everyone, full time missionaries included, seems to be having Christ like love for all of God’s children.

God makes it very clear in John 21:16 that if we love Him, we need to feed His sheep which means we need to help each other.  There is never going to be a day where God says “Enough! You are all failures! I quit.  No more Savior for you!!” That just won’t happen, because if it did, God would cease to be God, and we’d just have a whole slew of messes…  What does happen though, is as we push one another away, and withdraw into our comfort zones, God can’t be with us.  Selfishness is a sin.  Never once has God commended anyone for saying “I don’t feel like I should do that” instead He says “I’ll give you the strength to do it! So please get to work.” So why do we still feel it’s acceptable to not fulfill our duty to share the love of God with others? That’s basically all missionary work is.  Making sure EVERYONE knows that their Father in Heaven loves them.  That the Atonement of Jesus Christ applies to them, no matter what happens.  Time and time again in the scriptures we hear stories of God extending mercy when it seems all hope was lost.  He truly never gives up, so who are we to quit?

I know it’s hard to reach out to people who you don’t know, who have said “leave me alone” who have chosen to leave and act in a way you’re unfamiliar with, but I also know God knows what these people need better than we could ever guess, and I know that we all have a responsibility to help these fellow brothers and sisters feel the love of God.  We are all they have to facilitate that relationship.  We have to plant those seeds, and help them grow in the right direction.  Is everyone going to be receptive? Unfortunately no, but that’s not an excuse to give up.

Brothers and Sisters, go forth with faith.  Share the love you feel from your Heavenly Father with someone you know who is having a hard time recognizing that love.  Help them remember the truths they once held dear.  Help, and encourage them to come back.  There is room for everyone in the Kingdom of God.

I know this is important to Heavenly Father, and I know that as we push forward, and climb out of the pit of our comfort zones, and reach out and lift those around us, God’s love will flow uninhibited among His children, and there’s not enough of that these days, so let’s get to work!  Keep doing your best, and let God make up the rest, and help you on your “mile” of missionary work.

Good luck, and God bless!

Love, Sister Yates



  1. Hey! I love these new missionary blogs. So I have a suggestion for you. You should have About page or a contact me page because people tend to wander to that page. I’ve also found that if you search for tags like “lonely” or “depressed” in the wordpress reader you’ll find other blogs with people who are lonely or depressed. I read their blog and comment to make them feel like they have online friends and try to share the gospel with them. Looking up other blogs by tag is sooo easy to find people to teach! These people are looking for the gospel but just don’t know where to find it! Thanks for posting on this blog. PS… you don’t have to approve this comment for the world to see.. I just wanted to give you a few tips to get you blog out there. Missionary work is so cool! 🙂

    1. keeping up with a blog is difficult and time consuming but I think yours is one of the best I’ve seen. 🙂 Good job!! I can’t wait to see it grow. 🙂

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