“Time, an object, idea, proved theory?

Possibly, the essence of being mortal.

For we as humans, walking and breathing, are programmed to know that everything,

has a beginning, and thus, an end.

Yet we find ourselves, often staring at the stars, and wondering, realizing,

That for us, there is no end to space.

The light we see from these stars,

Years old, when it reaches our eyes, goes in every direction.

Who else we wonder, could be seeing this light? Why do they shine?

Purpose, a product of time, then comes into play.

We realize, everything in this life has a purpose.

Every piece of matter, its own assignment.

Earth, being a very complex and organized object, must have a purpose.

As time continues, we advance and grow, studying the planet in which we thrive.

We progress, and innovate.

Studying objects with their own purpose, and creating new objects with a new purpose.

Birds, airplanes, a relationship so obvious, but why we wonder?

Evolution, a big bang, it doesn’t make sense.

For a world where everything has a purpose, to start by mistake, randomly?

We turn to the scriptures.

The plan of Salvation, a plan of happiness, a plan of purpose.

A higher power started this “evolution”, taught to us repeatedly.

We continue reading, He provided a world, He provided growth, and ultimately purpose.

Yet the question remains, what is our purpose?

Memories, another product of time, reveal to us, how we have grown.

The mistakes, even they, have purpose.

For we have grown.

However they also show happiness, and what’s better than happiness?

We turn to the scriptures again, “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.”

In that moment we realize, our purpose is to be here.

To be part of the plan of salvation.

To pursue pure happiness, which naturally all men seek.

However, this happiness will not be worldly, not found through money, but found through our choices.

Right from wrong, a gift at birth, developed through time, provides a path for He had a plan from the beginning.

And every path, leads somewhere.

One conclusion, we determine, can be made.

Everything happens for a reason.

Two years (or 18 months) of service, for example,

Time providing physical limits, but the results are eternal, a purpose for this life.

For reason itself, can only be found through purpose, and purpose, can only be found through time.”

-Elder Collin Francom, Florida Jacksonville Mission




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