“Why me?”


Do you ever wonder why things happen, the way they do, when they do? For instance, have you ever considered that there may be a reason you hit every… single…. red light on your way to an appointment? Have you stopped to ponder why people in your life sometimes just have a moment where they fall apart? 

I can testify to you that it is all apart of a bigger picture.  Maybe you hit every red light because God was helping you avoid a car accident.  Maybe that person received some devastating news that may not seem like much to you, but is everything to them and you were the only person there who they could turn to, and feel that you would listen.

Moral of the story: Everything in the universe happens for a reason.  God places obstacles and people in our paths to better us, and allows us to help His children along the way.  All things can be connected to God, and I testify that if you take time each day to reflect on the “small and simple things” you will realize how they connect to “mighty miracles”.  Take a minute, after you finally get a green light to evaluate why you needed to stay there that extra 30 seconds? Evaluate, after people dump their “verbal vomit” on you, ways you can improve or change your life to avoid similar situations.

God never abandons us.  He never! Ever! Expects us to do things on our own.  He has the answer to all our questions, He has comfort and peace to bring us, and He is an all knowing, Supreme Being who has a plan for you.  You can come to know that plan by prayer, and by studying His word.  I encourage all of you to turn to God.  I know He will bless you.  His plan for all of us is unique and specific, and He has not left out a single detail to help us return to Him.

I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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